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ebxml-bp-comment message

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Subject: RE: [ebxml-bp-comment] Public Comment

Comment from: support@liquid-technologies.com

Name: Simon Sprott

Title: Technical Director

Organization: Liquid Technologies

Regarding Specification: ebbp-signals-2.0.1.xsd

We have been testing your new schemas for compliance with our XML Data
Binding tool Liquid XML 2005. However the schema ebbp-signals-2.0.1.xsd,
is invalid - it contains an unknown element

Thanks for your comment pointing out the validation error.

This looks like an editing slip. A last minute TC member request for a
name change for the element "ProcessSpecificationInfo" was made. Its
type was to change its name accordingly. And for the complex type
formerly called "ProcessSpecificationReferenceType" the name was changed
to "ProcessSpecificationInfoType", but unfortunately was not made in a
subsequent type reference within another complex type definition.

So in this second complex type definition of
"SignalIdentificationInformation" replace:

<xsd:element name="ProcessSpecificationInfo"
type="bpssignal:ProcessSpecificationReferenceType" minOccurs="0"/>


<xsd:element name="ProcessSpecificationInfo"
type="bpssignal:ProcessSpecificationInfoType" minOccurs="0"/>

Unfortunately we did not run the edited signal schema through validation
tools being used, and when checked against Oxygen 5.1, the tool agreed
with yours on the missing type definition. 

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