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Subject: ebBP 4/17/2006: Accepting Appendix B Change for v2.0.3 IMPORTANT NEWS

We've received all but one voting members' input and the unanimous 
preference is Option 1.

We will discuss and vote on this in tomorrow's call 18 April 2006 (9 
a.m. PDT) so everyone is asked to attend, voting member or not to 
express your preference.


In making the editorial changes required by OASIS, Stephen Green, Dale 
Moberg and I discovered editorial errors in Appendix B for the ebBP-CPPA 
mapping table. We can handle this in several ways (Dale has suggested 
the former):

 1. Accept the editorial changes for Appendix B and retain v2.0.3
    Committee Draft.
 2. Handle in an errata to the v2.0.3. [1]
 3. Have another Committee Draft vote and progress to v2.0.4 [2]

I have enclosed the updated table and a 'diff' document of the Appendix 
C, Table 1 (page 1 and 2) changes. I would very much appreciate feedback 
so we can handle this promptly.   Note: The Appendices are part of a 
normative package (Spec, tech spec and Appendices) with the following 
caveat: No normative text exists in the Appendices except in Appendix A. 
Please advise.

[1] This may cause a bit of confusion as we go to OASIS Standard 
although the CPPA v2.1 draft may be changing to accommodate ebMS v3.0 
[2] Last resort

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