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ebxml-bp message

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Subject: ebXML ebBP interview, suggested questions

Hi ebBP team

As some of you know I am preparing some ebXML related audio interviews
with various people from the community.

Monica asked me to post the questions I will ask the 2 or 3 selected
people for the interview (currently Monica, Dale and John Y.)

Maybe there are things you think would be very valuable for people
interested in ebXML Business Process. So do not hesitate to post (here
of off list to me) the question you would like to be answered by one of
the ebXML Business Process expert.



ebXML Business Process interview

o M Martin (M)
o D Moberg (D)
o J Yunker (J)


o introduction (M, D, J)

o what is ebBP? 

o what are the key features of ebBP?

o how does ebBP related to other ebXML standards?

o how does ebBP related to other standards in general?
  o eg UBL

o what are the differences between public vs private biz processes?

o who needs ebBP? who needs defined collaborative business processes?

o what are ebBP business transactions?
o what are ebBP business documents?
o what are ebBP business signals?
o what is choreography in ebBP?

o OK i defined an ebBP what is next?
  - very helpful as communication medium
  - monitoring, alerting when things go not as expected
  - configuration of other components, generation of  CPA's that drive

o what are some of the successful ebBP implementations?

o what industries will be (are) adopting ebBP?
  o eg RosettaNet
  o eg Health (HL7)??

o summary (M, D, J)

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