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Subject: msh TimeAccuracy RE: T2 Reliable Messaging w/o CPA or VIA...

>>      mshTimeAccuracy
>>      >>>This is the accuracy to which a recipient of a message claims
to keep their internal
>>      system clocks. This should probably be part of a CPP and not
vary from message to message
>>      therefore it does not need to be in the MessageHeader
>>      [David Fischer] Agreed, but what if there is no CPP?  I'm not
sure why this is necessary.

Chris Ferris>It isn't represented in the CPP, nor should it be. I have
repeatedly expressed my 
>belief that this is unnecessary at best, and more likely
unimplementable in any event [1].

>If anything, I could see parties agreeing to a requirement that their
>system's system clock be synchronized using something like NTP or some
>service and having this reflected in some manner within the CPP/A, but
not mshTimeAccuracy!

>I for one would like to see this removed from the 1.1 specification.

I agree with Chris that the use of 
NTP to synchronize clocks at a distance 
is something that is suitable for a CPA 
and that the use of NTP
or XNTP or whatever could be 
advertized in a CPP. I also agree
that putting the mshTimeAccuracy 
in the MessageHeader 
is definitely excess baggage!
Should be removed.

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