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Subject: Brief summary of ebxml-msg TC activities

The ebxml-msg TC held its first face to face meeting on July 17 and 18. The minutes for this F2F meeting can be found in:
The officers elected during this meeting are:
Ian Jones - Chair
Brian Gibb - Vice Chair
David Fischer - Secretary
Colleen Evans - Editor
Three subteams were formed:
Team 1: Concept of Operations - headed by RalphBerwanger
Team 2: Version 1.1 bug fixes and cleanups - headed by David Berdett
Team 3: Requirements for Version 2 - headed by Brian Gibb
It was agreed that bi-weekly team conference calls will take place every other Monday at 8am Pacific time. It was also agreed that subteams will prefix their messages with T1, T2, T3 respectively to allow easy filtering.
The first conference call took place on 7/31. The minutes can be found in:
No ebxml-msg conference call has taken place since the last ebxml-cppa conference call.
David Burdett has promised to collect all of the candidate issues to be addressed in the 1.1 version into an Access database before the next ebxml-msg CC on 8/13. A template of this database has been offerred to Dale by Ian, for possible use by the CPPA team for issues tracking.
The public comments period on the 1.0 spec ends August 17. So far, most of the comments have come from the ebxml-msg team members. Their message subjects are prefixed with T2 and can be found in the team's message archive.
Activities of the ConOp team has just started. The initial proposal from Ralph can be found in:
Activites of the 2.0 Requirements team has not really started. However, the following matrix was discussed during the first F2F meeting and will be used as the starting point for the 2.0 Requirements team's work:

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