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Subject: RE: ebxml-cppa webpage

Here is the approved membership list that is to be posted
on the TC website in the "Members" section. 

Let me know about any mistakes in this list; it is based on
the approved minutes of the first face to face meeting
with the deletion of three entries 
of people who indicated to me to omit them. 

Thanks, Dale Moberg

Abdel Boulmakoul, HP				abdel_boulmakoul@hp.com 
Arvola Chan, Tibco / RosettaNet		arvola@tibco.com 
James Bryce Clark, McLure Moynihan		jamie.clark@mmiec.com 
Tim Collier, Intel
Suresh Damodaran, Sterling Commerce
Tony Fletcher, BT				tony.am.fletcher@bt.com
Brian Hayes, Commerce One
Neelakantan Kartha, Sterling Commerce		N.Kartha@stercomm.com 
Engkee Kwang, Vitria				ekwang@vitria.com
Kevin Liu, SAP					kevin.liu@sap.com
Pallavi Malu, Intel				pallavi.g.malu@intel.com

Dale Moberg, Cyclone Commerce		dmoberg@cyclonecommerce.com 
Himagiri Mukkamala, Sybase			himagiri@sybase.com 
Peter Ogden, Cyclone Commerce		pogden@cyclonecommerce.com 
Karsten Riemer, Sun				KARSTEN.RIEMER@SUN.COM
Marty Sachs, IBM				mwsachs@us.ibm.com 
Yukinori Saito, ECOM				y-saito@ecom.jp
Nita Sharma, IONA				nsharma@netfish.com
Michael Wang, Tibco 				mwang@tibco.com 
Tony Weida, EDIFECS				TonyW@edifecs.com
Pete Wenzel, RosettaNet / SeeBeyond
Prasad Yendluri, WebMethods			pyendluri@webmethods.com
Jean Zheng, Vitria				jzheng@vitria.com
Sinisa Zimek, SAP				sinisa.zimek@sap.com

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