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Subject: Overriding Timing Parameters Specified in a Business Process

The BPSS spec. makes use of the timeToAcknowledgeReceipt and TimeToAcknowledgeAcceptance attributes to indicate whether the receipt acknowledgement / acceptance business signals are to be used, as well as their corresponding timeout values.
Currently, it is not possible to override these parameters at the CPP/CPA level.
The RosettaNet architecture team has been investigating the possible use of the ebXML MSG, CPPA, and BPSS specs in future versions of the RosettaNet Implementation Framework. Most RosettaNet solution providers already allow these timing parameters to be customized as part of the trading partner agreement in existing implementations.
Personally, I think these timing parameters should be overridable in the CPPA 1.1 spec. However, this brings up another deficiency in the existing spec. BPSS parameters that can be overridden are essentially boolean attributes. (In fact, it would be rather cumbersome for a party to indicate that it can accept both True and False values for these attributes. Essentially, all acceptable combinations would have to be enumerated!) There is no established convention to specify the range of acceptable values for non boolean attributes as well their preferred values. Therefore, it is not clear to me whether such enhancements can be introduced easily.

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