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Subject: RE: Overriding Timing Parameters Specified in a Business Process

Why do you say you can not override these parameters?  This is specifically
the intent of the "SubstitutionSet" in the BPSS.
Cory Casanave

> -----Original Message-----
> From:	Arvola Chan [SMTP:arvola@tibco.com]
> Sent:	Monday, August 20, 2001 2:35 PM
> To:	ebxml-cppa@lists.oasis-open.org
> Subject:	Overriding Timing Parameters Specified in a Business Process
> The BPSS spec. makes use of the timeToAcknowledgeReceipt and
> TimeToAcknowledgeAcceptance attributes to indicate whether the receipt
> acknowledgement / acceptance business signals are to be used, as well as
> their corresponding timeout values.
> Currently, it is not possible to override these parameters at the CPP/CPA
> level.
> The RosettaNet architecture team has been investigating the possible use
> of the ebXML MSG, CPPA, and BPSS specs in future versions of the
> RosettaNet Implementation Framework. Most RosettaNet solution providers
> already allow these timing parameters to be customized as part of the
> trading partner agreement in existing implementations.
> Personally, I think these timing parameters should be overridable in the
> CPPA 1.1 spec. However, this brings up another deficiency in the existing
> spec. BPSS parameters that can be overridden are essentially boolean
> attributes. (In fact, it would be rather cumbersome for a party to
> indicate that it can accept both True and False values for these
> attributes. Essentially, all acceptable combinations would have to be
> enumerated!) There is no established convention to specify the range of
> acceptable values for non boolean attributes as well their preferred
> values. Therefore, it is not clear to me whether such enhancements can be
> introduced easily.
> -Arvola

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