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Subject: 1.0 Questions

1) How could you request a Delivery Receipt signed/unsigned
using CPA as the governing document for messaging

2) In Delivery Channel characteristics, you can only request for a
Acknowledgment by specifying the nonrepudationofreceipt attribute.
There is no way to request unsigned acknowledgment

3) end point types is an enumeration of "login, "request", "response",
"error" and "allPurpose".

IS the assumption that these are MSH level request, responses rather
than business level characteristics.

Say a MSH needs to send a regular message to trading partner,

    A ---->  B

    A looks up Bs' party info from the CPA and uses the "request"

    ON receiving the msg if B wants to validate the endpoint. He looks
up his party info to find out the "request" endpoint and makes sure they
both are the same.

    Is this a correct assumption???

    If so!    When exactly do you use the "response' endpoint??

4) What are the endpoints used for Ping, Pong, StatusRequest,
StatusRepsonse, DeliveryReceipt, Acknowledgment, MessageError
Ping -> "request"?
Pong -> "response"?
StatusRequest -> "request"?
StatusResponse -> "response"?
Acknowledgement -> "response"?
DeliveryReceipt -> "response"?
MessageError (ErrorList)-> "error"?

5) If using "request" to send business "request" messages, then MSH
needs to know whether an incoming message is a business level "request"
message. WHich I don't think is in MSH domain. So going back to question
3, can someone give an use case of how a MSH would use request, response


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