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Subject: Re: BPSS (was) Approved eBTWG project teams

David RR Webber:
"Mentioning such issues  - my main concern is how to position all this
so that it becomes attractive too / intrinsically part of / main stream
efforts around us on business process facilitation?

"All this modelling stuff may well be very wonderful - but if it cannot
drive real world software it is all just so much window dressing."

I recognize that there is a considerable body of opinion
that disdains business process modeling. I also recognize
that business process modeling sometimes is mystified
by the priesthood.

On the other hand, without business process alignment,
I don't think you can do much more than throw documents

So the issue in my mind is how to make business process
alignment simple and practical.

In ebXML 1.0, there was a CC-BP-Analysis group that put
a lot of work into that effort, including the Catalog of
Common Business Processes, Business Process Worksheets,
Business Process Editors and a start at Business Collaboration

The new Business Collaboration Patterns project under ebTWG
aims to go one more step, to make business process modeling
as purely declarative as possible.  So, for instance, you should
be able to say I want to use the Catalog Product Order Fulfillment
pattern with the UBL document set and go.

I also believe it will be possible to take business collaboration
patterns defined in a technology-neutral way and map them
to whatever choreography model you want to use, but that
remains to be proven.

Got any better ideas?  Want to join the fun?

-Bob Haugen

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