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Subject: Draft notes forAug. 30 CPPA teleconference.

ebXML CPPA Technical Committee Teleconference
August 30, 2001


Arvola Chan 
Tim Collier 
Tony Fletcher 
Neelakantan Kartha 
Kevin Liu 
Dale Moberg 
Himagiri Mukkamala 
Peter Ogden 
Marty Sachs 
Brian Hayes 
Jean Zheng
Sinisa Zimek 

Preliminary Discussion 

Dale reviewed the status of the issue of moving the 1.0 CPPA
specification from
EbXML to an Oasis standard. We have met the "clerical" requirements for
doing so if the TC wishes to do so. At the second Thursday voting
meeting of September, any motions for pursuing this can be introduced
and processed. No motions are necessary, of course. Dale and Marty
reviewed what was known about other groups and some of the arguments,
pro and con, for doing so. Marty reminded us that we need to be
concerned that it could be a distraction to have the specification
undergo review. Dale reported that MSG intends to submit a 1.1 version
later this year, and we should attempt to follow with a 1.1 CPPA once
MSG has quiesced.  

Marty's comments:
1.	There may be a logistical and/or "marketing" problem with
releasing the 1.1 CPPA spec much after the release of the 1.1 MSG spec. 
2.	There is a concern that  the world will not view an ebXML CPP/A
specification as a standard, but an OASIS specification would be would
be accepted as such. 
3.	On the other hand, the public review period required as part of
the OASIS standards process, and the potential resulting rework to the
1.0 CPP/A spec would be a distraction and potentially impact the 1.1
4.	If  there is a way to get 1.0 through the process without the
review period, Marty would be in favor of it. Otherwise, he recommends
not spending any effort on it.

Dale mentioned that he was currently aiming for a March release of the
CPP/A 1.1 spec, but was looking into the possibility of moving this up
to better align with MSG 1.1.

Marty noted that some comments have been submitted about the Negotiation
Marty did not believe any of the comments reflected major issues; many
raised questions of scope and priority which will be resolved as the
group moves closer to a Requirements document. Kartha emphasized the
need for top down clarification of negotiation, and empasized the
importance gathering any new requirements for the document in addition
to commenting on the existing content. Dale wondered whether having bare
SOAP as the default protocol for negotiation would be regarded as a
major issue, and urged that the negotiation protocol elements fit within
a lightweight and minimalistic binding.

Arvola reported on a MSG subteam meeting devoted to creating the MSG
issue database.
He reported that David Fischer had agreed to draft the new detailed
version of RM for the 1.1 draft. 
Tim reported that he sent out a couple iterations of an Security Issues
document that lists and classifies a number of items to be worked on.
Most importantly, he wants the CPP/A TC to have a unified position on
the 1.1 issues prior to the upcoming October face-to-face meeting with
Open Discussion

Dale reminded us that the formal comment period for CPPA closes today,
and that work should commence on constructing the issues database. Tony,
on vacation, was unable to protest!

Arvola asked whether the discussion about non-repudiation relates to the
business process level. Marty thought not; the CPA needs to specify
whether the MSH should be configured to do NR at the messaging level.
Putting the NonRepudiation element below DocExchange within the CPA says
that this is a function of the MSH; if a need for NR at a higher level
exists, then it should be specified at a higher level in the CPA.
Next Meeting

We will have a non-voting meeting next week on Thursday, 11:30 am -
12:00 Eastern time (USA). Dale will send out the new calling details for
next month's teleconferences.


Please send additions and corrections to pogden@cyclonecommerce.com and

Respectfully Submitted,
Dale Moberg and Peter Ogden (for Tony W.)

CPPA Call Minutes 30 August 2001.doc

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