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Subject: FW: [ebxml-cppa-ws] CPPA June F2F Web services sub-team powerpoint


The Web Services subteam is coming out of hibernation and will be
concerned with revisiting and updating its scope/charter. 

The mailing list, ebxml-cppa-ws, still is used for discussions in this
area, so if interested, resubscribe.

I am resending the 2002 Reston report from Arvola and Pallavi, which
represented where we got to in the initial phase of work in that area. 

Keith Babo is chairing the subteam and will be posting discussion topics
and questions over the next few weeks in order to get feedback about
scope/charter in the current revival.

Keep in mind that the substitution group refactoring project can benefit
from and accommodate proposals for reshaping CPPs and CPAs to apply to
web service security, policies, and other capabilities and agreements. 

Hima asked me to resend the presentation to the main group, so my
apologies if you are on dialup.

Dale Moberg

-----Original Message-----
From: Dale Moberg 
Sent: Wednesday, April 09, 2003 7:19 PM
To: ebxml-cppa-ws@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: [ebxml-cppa-ws] CPPA June F2F Web services sub-team powerpoint


This is for our new web services subteam chair, Keith Babo.

Keith, reply to the list to make sure that the list is working and you
can post. Also post any questions you want to raise about the

I am still dredging up some other docs from pre-Kavi days.

This powerpoint represents how far the group got before entering

One thing has changed-- wsdl 1.2 has somewhat decided on likely
extension mechanisms, including use of substitution groups and a
property/feature mechanism. Of course, none of these are 
yet approved.

Dale Moberg
 <<CPPA June F2F Web services sub-team.ppt>> 

CPPA June F2F Web services sub-team.ppt

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