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ebxml-cppa message

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Subject: ISO and CPPA-- TC consensus needed on Friday call.

Karl sent the JC the following information. At the Friday
teleconference, I need 
to find out whether there are any objections to the procedure outlined

Thanks, Dale Moberg


OASIS staff has been discussing with the ISO Central Secretariat (ISOCS)

the various options available to us for submitting the OASIS ebXML 
specifications for approval under the ISO process. The highest level of 
approval, International Standard (IS), would require nearly a year to 
complete, and given that the v2.0 specs are already more than a year old

we feel that that might be a bit long. We've decided instead to submit 
the specs for Technical Standard (TS), a level lower but still a 
normative document. This would require only about five months for 
approval and publication, and the TC can be submitted later for IS 
approval. TS approval requires 2/3 vote of the P-members (participating 
members) of the ISO TC.

We've decided to submit the four specs (RIM, RS, Msg, and CPPA) to ISO 
TC154, which deals with e-business. While the topic of the registry 
specs have some applicability to SC32 and could have been submitted 
there, in discussion with ISOCS we've decided that the four specs should

stay together as a single package, and TC154 is the best place for the 
combination of the four specs.

We will submit the PDFs of the specs which are available at 
http://www.oasis-open.org/specs/index.php, so there's nothing else that 
you need to do there. But if your TC has errata then I would appreciate 
your contacting me right away (by tomorrow, please) letting me know that

you have errata that you would like to accompany the submission and when

you will be able to give that to me.

I also still need to hear from the Messaging and CPPA TCs assuarance the

that TC has no objection to OASIS submitting the specs to ISO; this 
could be links to meeting minutes or a statement from the chair. (I 
already have this from Registry TC.)

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