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Subject: Re: [ebxml-cppa] Moberg 5/23/2004: Use of Substitution Groups

Monica J. Martin wrote:

> Dale,
> In the informal F2F in late April, we discussed use of the 
> substitution groups and increasing extensibility to further support a 
> service-based approach.  How does this approach align with JAXB and 
> JAX-RPC (For example, relationship of types of element in a group)?

Here is my experience with latest JAXB and JAXRPC. ebXML Registry 3.0 
schema is using element substitution with latest JAXB from JWSDP 1.4 and 
it seems well supported. We had some trouble with  JAXRPC  but I believe 
that has been fixed within JAXRPC for JWSDP 1.4 version.

ebXML Registry specs use element substitution heavily for extensibility.


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