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Subject: Next meeting June 14 2004 -- RE: [ebxml-cppa] Agenda for OASIS ebXML CPPA teleconference May 28 8 AM PDT

Kartha is still on vacation, Pete joined briefly but had to leave
because he had a conflict, Monica sent regrets because of a closing, I
didn't hear from Sacha, so Marty and I exchanged some news. 

So we will next meet on June 14, 2004 to review status of the 2.1
maintenance release and probably to discuss what needs to be done for
the Negotiation draft to progress.


Dale Moberg

706 679 5113

877 204 8750


Provisional Agenda

1. Announcements
   a. Status report

2. New issues and discussion
   a. Errata (clarification text)

3. Negotiation session

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