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Subject: [ebxml-iic-conform] Comments on Leve 1 Conformance Requirements

I finally got around reading the Leve 1 Conformance Requirements.
I have some comments on it.

The Assertion mentions of SOAP Header contains one ebXML
MessageHeader element.  What happens when there are more than
one MessageHeader element present?  Should this be checked?
Most schema validators will not pick this up as it is valid.
If we say to check this then all the top level extension
elements have the same issue.

The Assertion mentions 'NotRecognised'.  I believe this should
be 'ValueNotRecognized'.

r1.2.18, r1.2.19, r1.2.20
These discusses aspects related to Reliable Messaging.  If we
have decided to put Reliable Messaging in level 2 then these
should be resident in level 2 Requirements right?

It is not clear to me what's the requirment here.  The Name
of this item mentions "Short Description" but the assertion
mentions of "Long Description".

The mention of ErrorURI is not quite right.  From the Messaging
Spec it mentions of ErrorURI of CPPA.  However, I cannot find
ErrorURI in any CPPA specs.  I believe the Messaging Spec is
trying to say to use the URI defined for the "error" Endpoint
(or "allPurpose" Endpoint if "error" Endpoint is not defined).
We should probabaly clarify it here.


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