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ebxml-iic-interop message

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Subject: Re: [ebxml-iic-interop] Suggestions for a Test Requirements Guidelinedocument

See inline.

Michael Kass wrote:

> Jacques,
> Here is a proposal of an outline format for the IIC Test Requirements 
> guideline document.
> I think that this format would be a good way to introduce a formalized 
> way for OASIS/ebXML
> TCs to submit their conformance or interoperability testing 
> requirements. Comments/suggestions?
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Introduction -
> a) Goals of IIC
> b) TC Participation in defining Conformance and Interop Test Requirements
> Definition of a Test Requirement
> a) Preconditions
> b) Assertions
mm1: c) Postconditions (In case we choose to nest test requirements - 
although this may also be considered a pre-condition to the next layer 
of test definition).

> How to Write a Test Requirement
> a) Conformance Requirements
> b) Interoperability Requirements
> c) XML Representation of Test Requirements  the Test Requirements Schema
mm1: Would it be valuable to give a definition and show the difference 
between a requirement and a test requirement - and how you can derive 
one from the other (although there are often not 1-1)?

> Submitting Test Requirements to the IIC
> a) To Whom
> b) The iterative acceptance process
mm1: Repository of test artifacts needs to be addressed - how does 
someone know what we have or know works so far.

> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Thanks,
> Mike

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