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Subject: [ebxml-iic-msg] A declarative syntax for driving ebXML a testing ebXMLMS API

To all,

    I have been looking into possible choices for declarativey driving an 
ebXML MS testing API using XML.  My primary choice ( a logical one ) is to 
use the XML syntax defined in the ebXML schema, as it would allow the 
construction of all of the various message objects and setting the values 
of their attributes using their methods.  However, our "testing API" will 
no doubt need to not only "create" portions of a message , but 
"modify/replace" attribute values.  In addition, this may require 
"modifying the nth instance of a particular object in a message".
    I have looked for other possible XML syntaxes that might do the job, 
but have not found anything suitable. JMS appears to be too simple to 
handle the complexities of ebXML messages, as it only allows simple 
property setting, and nothing as complex as ebXML message content structure.

  XPath is a great choice for using as a declarative syntax to test 
RECEIVED message content, or parsing a "testing trace", as it is 
syntactically succint, exact and easy to code.

    But I do not see a declarative way to "tweak" an outgoing message 
through the testing API using ebXML MS syntax.... Perhaps by creating a 
modified schema to incorporate new elements/attributes that could provide 
"hints" to the testing API how to "modify" a message component?
     Any thoughts on this?


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