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Subject: RE: [ebxml-iic] ebXML IIC TC -- announcement of new chair

Title: RE: [ebxml-iic] ebXML IIC TC -- announcement of new chair


Thanks to all for your support and trust (such a strong showing could
almost be as embarrassing as too little... expectations are high!)

A few announcements and information items, on which your comments are welcome:

1. Next week, Monday 3/18, we'll have again a conference call, same time.
(after that we'll resume bi-weekly.) Agenda will include:
[f-2-f & Barcelona meetings, COnf testing/test cases and proposed subgroups on this,
our involvment in OAG testbed, other items?(let me know)]

2. Would a f-2-f meeting sometime in second half of April be OK with everyone?
Any proposal where? (default: San Jose / Fujitsu)
SOme agenda items for this meeting would be:
(1) organizational matters, where we are regarding the charter, our objectives.
(2)to review proposed conformance test cases for MS, (possibly for BPSS / CPPA),
the testbed architecture design supposed to run them, and technology assumed (tools, mode of use).
(3) How to cooperate with other groups, support them and leverage their resources/assets/experience:
NIST, OAG, RosettaNet, other ebXML TCs.

3. Update on the  conformance testing, design architecture and use cases:
the Conformance Testing Task Force (CTTF) is currently defining, for MS:
(1) a format to define test cases, their input and output, that should be processeable
(you guessed it: will be in XML...). Includes relevant CPA data.
(2) sample test case(s) for MS conformance Level 1 (Core)
(3) overall architecture that will process these definitions, and operational scenarios.
As I said this morning, we consider the prototyping of this architecture as a necessary
step to come-up with a valid design of the test cases and their format, even if our charter
does not mandate this.

4. CTTF, what is next:
We believe a testbed prototype is the best starting point for another entity (NIST?,
ebXML member company?) to take over the productization of a conformance testbed, which should
normally aim at a certification tool. A complete testbed, able to run all test cases required
for conformance, is probably out of reach - and out of charter - for IIC, as Hima noted. 
But we really want to make sure conformance testing will get interest - and show results - in time:
MS 2.0x has just been submitted to OASIS, there are already a few freshly baked implementations out,
undergoing interoperability tests. June/July seems to be a converging milestone here...
Also, as soon as the format of test cases and their processing schemes are stable,
we will mobilize more people - IIC and other TCs - to add/review more test cases.
For this, each ebXML standard could have its CTTF. In each CTTF we would find:
(a) "subject matter experts (SME)", who know the spec well and would define test cases for it,
(b) "architects", who know the testbed architecture supposed to run the cases, will check the
cases format, their processing.
Given expected similarities in technology/tools/formats, architects could be shared across CTTFs.
By April 5th, current CTTF should publish Version 1 of a "Conformance Testing Design" document,
that describes the proposed testing technology and case formats, for your review.

5. Implementation Guidelines: in progress, thanks to editor Michael Wang, who came
up with a substantial draft. We need reviewer. Make sure you communicate to him
any implementation feedback / advices that can help other implementations interoperate
with yours! 1-page contributions are perfectly fine. I am especially calling for known
MS 2.0x implementors  (SterlingCommerce, CycloneCommerce, bTrade, Sybase, XML Global, Fujitsu...)

6. Some mailing sub-list(s) will be created on COnformance Testing, so that those interested
can follow this activity and comment on it. Archive documents as well.

7. Jeff Eck is the contact point for XML Europe / ebXML meeting in Barcelona: let him know
your attendence. (Would those going to Barcelona, still consider going even if we have
a f-2-f before?)


jacques Durand

-----Original Message-----
From: Philippe De Smedt [mailto:pdesmedt@agentisinternational.com]
Sent: Monday, March 11, 2002 11:27 AM
To: ebxml-iic@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: [ebxml-iic] ebXML IIC TC -- announcement of new chair


It is my pleasure to confirm my announcement in this morning's OASIS ebXML
Implementation, Interoperability, and Conformance Technical Committee (IIC
TC) conference call that Jacques Durand of Fujitsu has been elected chair of
the IIC TC. He had 12 votes. There were no opposing candidates.

I'm sure you'll all agree that with Jacques at the helm, the TC will
continue to be involved in a number of very impactful activities, and I urge
you all to participate in them as much as you can. Thank you.

It's been a pleasure working with all of you during my tenure as chair.


Philippe De Smedt
formerly chair of the ebXML IIC TC

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