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ebxml-iic message

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Subject: [ebxml-iic] Minutes

Title: Minutes


Minutes of last call attached.



Minutes of IIC October 14, 2002
Call info:

Time: Monday October 14th,  10am PT. 
SeeBeyond  hosting (Pete Wenzel)
Dialing information is as follows:
US Toll-Free: 866-628-8003
International: +1 630-424-4862
Passcode: 8500499# 

Minute taker: Jacques Durand


Mike Kass (NIST)
Jaques Durand (Fujitsu)
Jeff Eck (GXS)
Eric Van Lydegraf (Kinzan)
Monica Martin (DrakeCertivo)
Pete Wenzel (SeeBeyond)

(Note: Jeff Turpin was on vacation, will send updated conf profiles)


1. Update on the ebXML Messaging TC f-2-f meeting at Miami. 
(from Jacques / Eric /  Mike )
2. Deployment templates
3. test Case material and MS COnformance suite
4. Interoperability Test suite (sub-team f-2-f meeting soon?) 
5. External initiatives and liaisons :
(OAG/NIST, ECOM, CEN/ISSS, UeB Architecture Impl. guide) 


1. Update on the ebXML Messaging TC f-2-f meeting at Miami. 

- Monica/Eric/Jacques/Mike/Matt attended (physically or call in, full time or part time...)
- preparation work for (1) an errata list for 2.0 fixes, (2) V3.0 new features.
- Liaisons will be set to align to WS-security. More generally, the Web Service
context will be considered in 3.0.
- better integration with BPSS will be considered, in particular conversation support.
Liaison needed.
- question mark on SOAP 1.2: could be adopted but need first to become a W3C recommendation...
- the "Interface" question (API, or rather MSI): the TC accepted the idea that an "abstract"
interface should be defined, still language independent - but at least outlining what
the contract application - MSH should look like. Anything more lge-specific is out of
scope, e.g. up to an Architecture group, or to IIC.
- the notion of MSH intermediary (as in multihop) is in question - it could be
that if no more demand for it, multi-hop could be dropped in future version as
a feature...
- a better "modularization" of ebMS features is in order. That would also ease
the use of ebMS in a WebService / WSDL context.
- We need to submit our IIC issue lists, following normal process.
(Jacques, Mike, Monica to update it?)

2. MS Deployment templates / EAN guidelines (Pete):

- EAN-Thomas B. likes the division business/technical, for deployment features.
- Jacques waas wondering if we can line-up some criteria to justify this distinction
(besides the fact that business people should be able to fill-in the business 
requirements sections, and IT people the teschnical one, but that is not always
- Pete: following UMM modeling guidelines should help (e.g. for RM, Security).
It is OK to have the same feature have both a "business" aspect (e.g. format of content) 
anda more technical one (matching MSH options).
- Not sure we need to get as detailed as "which security product is recommended".
- Jacques: section numbering scheme needs be more dissociated from intiial spec
sections, though explicit references to MS spec sections probably needed.
- Next step: try to map EAN guidelines to the template. We'll try this first
ourselves, then bounce this to Thomas/EAN.

3. Test Case Material and MS Conformance Test Suite: (Edited by Michael Kass)

- Mike went further in MS conforamnce test cases. Latest updates
for handling MIME envelope (MIME elements will be designated using
an XPath-like notation).
- the XPath expression used are only for precise description of
message filters and test conditions: used as an abstract notation
(cannot be processed as is by an XPath processor.)
- XPath expressions will be same for getMessage operation (selection condition)
and putMessage op (condition that needs be verified on message material to be
sent out).

4. Interoperability Test suite: 

- Target: completion of latest draft (V0.4.), so that we have a complete draft
end of October.
- the architecture (test harness): may be more abstract than what is defined
in the Test Framework document (see previoous minutes).
- a f-2-f for the subteam seems necessary to wrap-up the most basic interoperability
profile(s) (see current proposal in draft.) Steve, Hatem, Jacques, Eric will advise.
(others welcome).
- Mike's material to be used for expressing interop test cases.
- ECOM test suite: so far, only CPAs were published on ECOM site,
Jacques to ask Iwasa (Fujitsu) more details on the test suite.

5. External initiatives:
- The UN-CEFACT / OASIS architecture group is planning for an Implementation Guideline
for ebXML (Monica). Dale Moberg is the person to contact here. A technical liaison
team will be involved. Tony Fletcher will contact us with an initial proposal,
as the group is proposing IIC ownership for this. We need to discuss this, 
and certainly assess our resources and short term objectives here.


- Next teleconference planned for Monday, October 21th, 10am Pacific time.
SeeBeyond (Pete Wenzel) volunteered to host the calls during October.
US Toll-Free:   866-628-8003
International:  +1 630-424-4862
Passcode:       8500499#

(weekly until we wrap-up our specs.)

Jacques Durand
ebXML IIC chair

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