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Subject: [ebxml-iic] Revised ebXML Test Requirements Schema

Matt and all,

Prior to writing the documentation for this schema, I have listed changes since last CVS update.
If you agree with these, Iíll check the schema into CVS for documentation. 
Iím sending a list of proposed modifications that I made to the ebXMLRequirements.xsd schema, prior to writing documentation on it.  In addition, I am attaching the modified schema, along with a JPG image reflecting the new design.  Below, I have listed the modifications, and some comments.

Schema Issues  ebXMLRequirements.xsd ( going hierarchically down the tree )
1)      <Level/> - Removed -  currently all requirements are now  in a single collection

2)      <SemanticRequirement/> @testLevel removed ( previously reflected spec coverage )  Removed nesting of <SemanticRequirement/> elements, since we donít need/use that structure.

3)      <Condition/>  - removed id attribute as unnecessary, since we will not be referencing individual condition IDís in test reporting.


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