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Subject: [ebxml-iic] next call (s)

Title: next call (s)


1. the interop f-2-f  in Orange County (this Friday 25th) will provide opportunity
to sync-up with call-in, for 30mn at noon PT, (12-12:30) and also 30mn in the afternoon
(either 2pm or 2:30pm...don't know yet ).
Toll free number: 1-877-801-2058
International Number:1-712-257-6652
Participant passcode: 309951

2. Next IIC meeting:

Host: SeeBeyond (will host the Oct 7, 14, 21, 28 conference calls.)
Time" Monday Oct 28th, 10am PT
Dialing information is as follows:
US Toll-Free:   866-628-8003
International:  +1 630-424-4862
Passcode:       8500499#

General Agenda so far:

1. Status on external initiatives and liaisons :
(OAG/NIST, ECOM, CEN/ISSS, UeB Architecture Impl. guide)
- review of our liaisons to various groups.
- the "interim testing" proposal, as deployment guide for test framework (Monica)

2. Interoperability Test suite (Steve / Hatem)
- quick review of ECOM tests.
- sub-team f-2-f output.

3. Deployment templates (Pete)
- template status
- current state of EAN instance (posted on our site), what status w/regard to OASIS.

4. test Case material and MS COnformance suite  (Mike, Matt)
- status on the test case definitions.



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