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Subject: Re: [ebxml-iic] minutes and more

> 3. Also, a little write-up about how to write Test Requirements for 
> conformance,
> that I put together from other docs we have. Can you review?
> The idea is that we would invite experts from other TCs to write their 
> own test reqs,
> or siginificantly assist us in doing that.
mm1: A few comments on the document:

    * Check that the examples we use for test requirements or structure
      are still valid (against our test requirements developed thus far
      for ebMS).
    * Check some of the fully satisfied or reasonably tested verbage
      against how it is described in the OASIS Conformance TC document. 
      This latter document talks about full or complete (although about
      levels) or minimal or core. I am trying to think of concrete words
      that express what we are trying to say (testability you know).
    * Should we again on the discussion on levels.
    * Do we need a minimum set of design rules for constructing test
      requirements - such as use of action verbs that express the
      context of the requirement, such as Provide vs. Generate?
    * Suggest a example be used throughout the sections to show how it
      all fits together.



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