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Subject: minutes and more

Title: minutes and more


1. Next meeting (conf call) will be June 2nd, 11am PT.
We need a host for this meeting !!!

2. Attached are minutes of meeting yesterday.

3. Also, a little write-up about how to write Test Requirements for conformance,
that I put together from other docs we have. Can you review?
The idea is that we would invite experts from other TCs to write their own test reqs,
or siginificantly assist us in doing that.

4. Posted the XML Europe paper and presentation on our site.


<<IIC_May_19_03_Minutes.txt>> <<TestReqs_Guidelines.doc>>

IIC Conference Call Minutes: Monday, 19 May, 2003

Mike Kass (NIST)
Jacques Durand (Fujitsu)
Monica Martin (Sun)
Steve Yung (Sun)
Rik Drummond (DGI)
Serm Kulvatunyou (NIST)
Tim Sakach (Drake Certivo)

Pete Wenzel (SeeBeyond)

Minutes taker: Jacques Durand

Time: Monday May 19, 11am PT
Host: Fujitsu
Toll free: 1-877-801-2058
Intl Number:1-712-257-6652
Passcode: 309951

1. Finishing-up the MS conformance specs. (Mike / Jacques) 
- overall plan to wrap-it up. What the spec doc should look like (can we group test cases?) 
- non-normative test scripts in a separate doc, can be published after? 

2. Test suites for other specs: 
- How should we involve other TCs to write their own test requirements. 
- BPSS testing (Serm) 

3. TestFramework implementation status, and future upgrades (Mike Kass, Tim Sakach, Serm K.): 
- Implementations under way (Tim Sakach ) 
- what IP status can we expect from current implementations (licensing, open src, reference impl...) 
- Proposed extensions for next version (Serm, Mike).
4. External related activities (Monica) 
- eBES activity 
- OAG.NIST testbed 
- how to address global interop, role of BIP test suite, issues in 
using a "reference" testbed or tools. 
- other 

1. Finishing-up the MS conformance specs. (Mike / Jacques)

. Most of the conformance material is already written (216 test requirements, test cases). 
. The test requiremetns are quite stable now. The test cases will need some revision.
. We'll end-up  likely with three documents: (1) the main conf test suite spec (normative)
(2) the test scripts (XML / HTML)(non-normative), (3)the annotated original spec (ebMS 2.0).
The test requirements should ultimately be part of (1) , but will be for now a separate doc
(also coded in XML).
. We decide that we should not wait for (2) to be ready, in order to vote and publish (1).
. Mike to send to Jacques the current material (zip file), so taht we can post what
we start from, on site.
. We should have an initial draft of main spec covering some test cases if not all
by our next meeting (June 2), so rthat we can review the proposed format for test case narrative.
. In teh main spec, We need to describe test cases in a semi-formal (narrative) way.
Need to identify patterns of flow diagrams, like in BIP. The BIP format will serve as blueprint.

2. Test suites for other specs.

. We'll involve other TCs to write the test reqs (test assertions).
For this Mike suggests we need to give them some guidelines.
Jacques will put together a short test req guideline, drawing from our other docs.
. For Registry testing, we need to have experts involved in writing their own reqs.
Farrukh N. is a main contact here.
. Better write reqs in the XML template designed for it (instead of Excel), 
we have XSLT for nice rendering.
. Serm: will complete very soon (a proposal for BPSS testing. 
Monica will help Serm for test reqs (by Friday) .
. Test suite for BPSS will involve a standard, "fake" BPSS def file (for testing only,
of sequencing, timing, retries, bus transactions/collaborations)
Later, specific scenarios can be added.
. One by-product of writing BPSS test reqs, is some Test Service actions that will
actualy implement the "fake" (test) business activities that a BSI should 
interact with on the back-end.

3. TestFramework implementation status, and future upgrades (Mike Kass, Tim Sakach, Serm K.): 

. Tim: DCertivo is doing RN conf testing for 4 solutions providers. TestFramework
impl is adapted to accommodate other messaging standards (RNIF 2).
. We'll need to upgrade the TestFramework spec to decouple better the support to
specific message envelope (ebXML) from basic message support (HTTP/MIME).
. Mike: current spec does not preclude other messages (XPath exprs can build
any envelope). But we can separate the schemas (MIME/SOAP and ebXML headers).
Message store will also need be more independent from ebXML format.
. Test Driver from DCertivo is generic, free license, downloadable. DCertivo contributes
to open src projects.
. Monica: we still need a public IP statement from DCertivo, for free usage of its tool.

4. External related activities (Monica) 
- ebXML Italy went well...
- our IIC press release got a lot of traction.
- Automotive in Europe is planning to use BPSS.

5. Other
- next call June 2, 11am PT



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