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Subject: Minutes from today's teleconference

Title: volunteer to host Monday call?
To all,
   Thanks for participation in today's conference call.   Attached are the minutes.
Please remember to review and vote on the ebXML MS 2.0 Conformance Test Suite document
by next Monday.
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Sent: Friday, October 03, 2003 12:57 PM
Subject: [ebxml-iic] volunteer to host Monday call?


A reminder that the email voting period opens this Monday, ending Monday 13th,
for approving the ebMS Conformance test suite 1.0 as a committee draft (see my previous mail)

As I'll be unable to host/attend Monday call, is there anyone to host and chair it?

(Monica? Mike?...)

tentative agenda could include:

- Dec 7-12 demo(s)
- Test Framework upgrades
- test requirements for next ebXML specs (RR, BPSS)
- non-normative material for ebMS conformance test suite (the "executable" test suite)




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