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Subject: Re: [ebxml-iic] Section 7.1 of Test Framework revision.. using Jacques workflow approach (option B)

Title: call tomorrow Wed 8th, 3pm PT
  Please see my comments below regarding placement of section 7.1 into Part 1 ( I have no problems with it.. but believe it would be better suited in
section 4 instread of trying to put it inside section 3 ( Test Framework Components.. where we describe Test Driver and Test Service).  I think it would
be better to have a "section 4 - Test Case execution model".
  Also, please see 2 attached files ( your modifications to section 7.1 and my response (as MK4) , and the resultant "diffs" file. ( I forgot to turn on tracking... so I highlighted the
diffs in red).   I agree/chaged most everything based upon your suggestion.
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Sent: Wednesday, September 08, 2004 10:36 PM
Subject: RE: [ebxml-iic] Section 7.1 of Test Framework revision.. using Jacques workflow approach (option B)

No big deal you missed the call - there will be other ones...
I think we should phase the "abort" for a later release after this one.
 This is too recent a feature, and more thinking is needed on it, even if we seem to agree on an interpretation.
The "return" is OK however, as it is really a convenience faeture clearly understood with limited implications.
Regarding Section 7.1:
- I think we should give it more exposure and move it up in Part I , e.g. as a new section 3.4,
just after the section 3.3 "executing test cases".
[MIKE] - I'm all for introducing the scripting sooner.. but am wondering just how to put it into section 3.. which is titled "Test Framework Components"
and describes the Test  Driver and Test Service in detail.
I would be in favor of adding a "Section 4 - Test Case Execution" .. and putting it in there.  That would also mean removing the current section 3.3 "Executing Test Cases"..
and moving it into section 4 as well... since it really doesn't belong in the "components" section either.  Comments?   It seems logical to have section 4 follow after the
description of the Test Framework components.  I've modified the first attached document to reflect this proposal, (as an example).  I am also including a second version reflecting
your proposal.
I am even in favor of moving it up further than that:
It could fit just  before Section 3.2.4 (i.e. just after the general description of Test Driver and Test Service,
and before the lengthy description of Test Service actions (3.2.4),
so that people have a feel of how all this works together.
[MIKE] - Unless we change the name of section 3 (from "Test Framework Components") , I'd vote to add a section 4 titled "Test Case Execution".  I feel the the flow is not
smooth when we introduce the two major components of the Test Framework, then dive into scripting and its semantics.  I think that this deserves its own section, either before
or after the introduction of the Test Framework Components.  Coments?
We just need to extend a bit with succinct and informal introduction of some notions used (GetMessage,  PutMessage, TestAssertion) as we already do with Threads.
So this second option would give something like:
Part 1:
3.1 Test Driver
3.2 Test Service (would contain 3.2.1, 3.2.2, 3.2.3)
3.3 Execution of a Test Case in the Test Driver (formerly 7.1)
3.4 "The Messaging Actions and Messaging Services" (formerly 3.2.4)
3.5 Interface for Test Driver and Test Services (formerly 3.2.5)
[MIKE] - I'll create 2 versions ( insert section 7.1 in both places, and we can make an asessment of which seems appropriate )
Part 2:
Whether we put it as 3.3 above, or just at the very end pf Part 1, I think "7.1" is at its place in Part 1, as it
illustates the behavior of the test Driver. Part II is about the representation of Test Suites, which is  not really the
objective of 7.1. which is rather to give a flavor of how test case operates when executed, what it can do (i.e. what a test driver
can do).
[MIKE] - Agreed
And for the editing of 7.1,  again I'd forget about "abort" operator, and rather discuss on the several points (most editorial)
I reported  in "section7.1-JD1_MK_JD2_MK2-JD3.doc" sent yesterday.



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