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Subject: Re: Meeting next week.

Certainly - I can set one up.  I'm not sure if I'm still chair or not, as it
'officially' expired in March, but we didn't have a transition call and I
like your suggestion Dale ;-)

The schedule we set up in Dec was the 2nd or 3rd Wed of the month at 8 PT.
Does Wed 16 April at that time work for everyone?  Any more agenda items?

Call details:
US:  888-248-7419
International:  334-323-4408
pc 143861


Dale Moberg wrote:

> Hi,
> Who is our chair now?
> If it is Colleen, and you have time, would it be possible to set up a
> meeting next week to discuss UN/CEFACT and OASIS ebXML compatibility and
> alignment issues? (Also, Colleen, it may be possible to get rid of, er,
> allow someone else to serve as our chair!)
> Some revived old but ominous issues are appearing on the horizon, and it
> would be very helpful to achieve a consensus view on these emerging
> problems to forward on to the JCC.
> Thanks,
> Dale Moberg

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