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ebxml-jc message

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Subject: ebXML JC input to TAB

The ebXML JC would like to submit the following input to the OASIS
Technical Advisory Board.  Could you please submit it on our behalf?


(1)  We feel there is a need for an OASIS-wide way to implement shema
versioning and documentation across OASIS approved schemas.
More generally, specifications should include a formal representation
of their version number, e.g. using a common XML document format.
All this would make it easier to obtain, query, and process the
version number
of an implementation.

(2) We also feel there is a need for a common way to represent
compatibility links to other specs.  While the ebXML Joint Technical
Liaison Team  is developing an ebXML standards compatibility matrix, a
formal way to code a compatibility matrix (for integration as well as
is required across OASIS, ideally a model that could be processed by a
and well understood across specifications.

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