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Subject: FW: reminder call Wed 9th

Title: minutes, and next call Wed 9th

>Do we have a call tomorrow? If so, please send the telecon info.

you may have missed that email below.
-----Original Message-----
From: Jacques Durand [mailto:JDurand@us.fujitsu.com]
Sent: Monday, June 07, 2004 7:27 PM
To: 'ebxml-jc@lists.oasis-open.org'
Subject: [ebxml-jc] minutes, and next call Wed 9th

Next JC call:

Time: Wed, June 9th, 9am PT
Host: Fujitsu
call (toll): 512-225-3050


1. CEFACT update (Jamie/Karl)

2. Marketing TC update:
- charter review (latest draft from Kathryn), issues (deliverables / voting / resources)
- invite and call for participation.
- how large a role in channeling requirements from other orgs?
-  facilitating "convergence/alignment/interoperabilty" WS-ebXML ? (Dale / AIAG)
- status of company members committment.
- timeline for the TC, logistics.

3. Others?
- next OASIS symposium.




Time: Wed, May 26, 
Host: Fujitsu 
call (toll): 512-225-3050


1- Discussion on marketing TC 
- draft charter (Jamie or Kathryn should send one today!) 
- level of committment as members 
- Actions: float an inquiry on -dev list, 
- Web site, etc. 
2- ebSOA intro (Matt?) 
- how much on ebXML architecture, vs W.Service integration 
- coordination with other TCs, feedback loop for reqs, etc. 
3- ebXML TC Coordination : 
- Status of each TC, roadmap and next releases. 
- Issues: alignment between specs, backward compatibility, alignt with WS. 
- Cross issues: versioning mgt, compat matrix, testability. 

Attendees :

Action Items:

- Monica: will draft the invitation for participating.
- All: investigate company readiness in participating to a marcom TC (min 0.5 day/week)
- All: review charter draft. 
- Jacques/Jamie: add Matt (Adobe) as representative in JC.

1- Discussion on marketing TC 

- Jamie: the current draft is a good basis, workable as is. Main difference with a regular TC, is the list of
deliverables (marketing more free-format by nature). Any committee draft expected? or just promotional material?
Then the decision process needs be decided: should the TC "vote" for every decision? every output even if not committee draft?
- OASIS will advertise at OASIS symposium, Geneva.
- Reuse of material from other TCs expected. The marketing TC may delegate some to other TCs (impl guidelines, best practices...)
- to what extent should the marketing TC be a "driver" of other TCs (1) for promotional material (2) for technical requirements.
- Need for formal representation from other TCs? No.
- Jamie: chances of success better if someone "champions" the TC, owns the charter.
- Kathryn: since there is no budget, it should be made clear in the charter that company resources are expected,
although should NOT be a requirement. In previous ebXML Marcom (2000-2001) there was no loyalty test needed.
- Ian: could be a legal problem if a group of companies donate to / sponsor the TC (even if under OASIS umbrella)
- Karl: it is OK if sponsors do not promote their own company.
- so taht could be an alternative to a memebr section?
- Karl: posible, but manpower is the real issue. We need to identify the functions to be supported.
- Ian: Problem with company direct funding: activities will be skewed toward Products.
- Matt: Adobe could work with that. Certainly easier to justify involving local marketing resources if 
company product is involved.
- About a successful PR for ebXML that involved real products: 
2003 demo of RR + SAML was compelling (Philadelphia). This is an example of demo integrating products, that worked.
- Role of marketing TC: will need to promote composability, integration.
- Dale: Web site will need pages split.
- Dale: OK for involving a marketing preson from Cyclone. Will circulate the charter internally. When advertising
on the dev list, we should invite newcomers to participate in drafting the charter.
- Monica will draft the invite.

2- ebSOA intro :
- Matt: the spec will define a number of "patterns" to address requirements.
- architecture: pragmatic approach, take existing material, not "prescriptive".
- Will teh TC spend more time on convergence WS-ebXML, or on ebXML architecture?
- Matt: certainly fostering convergence / alignment of WS and ebXML is on teh agenda.
- the TC will also generate requirements for other TCs (patterns will reveal shortcomings)
- ebSOA will profile other specifications, but will be more user-friendly and end-user-relevant
 than previous architecture doc. Pattern language or templates will be used.
- Monica: how would ebSOA align ebXML architecture and TC specs? (would it support current specs?)
- Matt: from ebXML requirements, ebSOA would show how to use existing TC specs.
- ebSOA still welcome suggestions on a concrete approach.

3- Others
- will add CEFACT update on next agenda.

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