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Subject: Re: [ebxml-jc] Durand 5/24/2005: ebMS v3.0 Packaging and Messagin gModel

We upped this one level as we recognized this was too detailed. John, we 
may still may be do detailed with your update 26 May 2005 OR we 
recognize this will be an overview. What do you think? Thanks.

x  Introduction
     B2B messaging growth and need Service Oriented Architecture Frameworks
     The Internet as global SOA
     Future Scenarios - Consumers participating in B2B via Agent Frameworks

x 1 - Overview
        3 1 Service Oriented Architecture Frameworks
        3.2 Application Composition in an SOA Environment

x 2 Status of Standards
       2 1 Status of each standard in Technical Architecture v2.0

x 3 Current Features
       3 1 Service Oriented Architecture Features
             3.1.1  Transport, Message Reliability and Error Management
             3.1.3  Registries and Federation for Circles of Trust
             3.1.4  Party Agreement for Conducting e-Business
             3.1.5  Multi-party Business Processes
             3.1.6  Security and Identity
             3.1.7  Service Interface Management

x 4 Future Plans
    -  Overview
    -  Feature Set (overview)
       4 1 Industry Grouping and Global Federation of Registries
       4 2 Discovery and Negotiation
       4 3 Agent Framework
       4 4 Event Architecture and Messaging

    -  Relationship to other specifications and standards
x 5 Business scenario example
x 6 References and materials

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