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Subject: ebxml jc 4/11/2006: Intuitive Comments re: Registry Profiles and UserTemplates

Kathryn and Farrukh (and ebxml-jc),
The ebBP TC had a very lucrative discussion today regarding the ebXML 
IIC templates and the near-term future need for an ebBP profile for 
Registry.  I've grasped some of the salient details because it raises 
two questions:

    * The ebxml-jc may be the venue to discuss template and profile
      compatibility or alignment (see summary below).
    * The importance of this is grounded in engaging end user
      communities so they understand what/how their use cases could be
      modeled in the Registry.

This discussion arose quite naively in the ebBP call today when Dale 
Moberg asked how these IIC deployment templates relate to an ebXML 
Registry profile for any given specification or function. This arose 
during our discussion about the development of our ebBP deployment 
template.  The summary of the discussion is:

    * Registry profiles are normative, specific (more granular), and
      primarly targeted to developers. It promotes a standard profile
      interface. The ebXML IIC templates for each specification are
      focused on deployment and more general purpose (i.e. closer to
      user guides).
    * A relationship is important between the two. Alignment is needed
      to encourage end users to make decisions (particularly to develop
      ebBP). This becomes increasingly important for alignment of
      Registry with deployment considerations (so consumers can
      understand what key aspects of their use cases map to how they are
      potentially applied using associations, slots, classifications,
      etc. in the Registry).
    * The template, for example, could be used to develop a Registry
      profile that allows managing and discovering ebBP artifacts. 
      Template preferences and details could be correlated to options
      with search criteria developed using Registry capabilities and
      further described in a profile. 
    * It is also architecturally important. For example, ebSOA is
      considering visibility functions (such as context and content). 
      Correspondingly, UN/CEFACT has categories of systems for search
      and discovery (such as Common Business Process Catalog).

The team felt this was a discussion item for the ebxml-jc as it is 
relevant to engaging user communities - so they get their hands around 
the benefits of and technology available for these key functions. This 
is also an exercise for ebBP as these two aspects are important 
individually and particularly in tandem. As asked, I will bring this up 
on the ebxml-jc agenda or Kathryn I ask that you do so (as I hand over 
the baton).


Some of this mirrors what Pim vanderEijk said too.  As asked by the TC, 
I am cc: the ebxml-jc so we can further discuss.

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