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Subject: T2 Recursive Behaviors

It seems that there will be no way to avoid occasional recursion within ebXML-MS
such as encrypting a message with SMIME and putting the result in a bodypart
wrapped by a minimal ebXML header structure.  At the receiving end, the bodypart
would then be decrypted and the resulting message resubmitted to the ebXML
parser (recursive).

This behavior would also solve the concern over potential in-route additions to
the Manifest (put the old message in a bodypart, create a new set of headers
with additions to the Manifest, then once the new message is parsed then the old
message should be resubmitted to the parser (recursive)).

While none of this behavior is prohibited by the current spec, neither is it
specifically allowed.  Can we add one sentence somewhere to specifically allow


David Fischer
Drummond Group.

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