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Subject: End-to-end RM


I think we have established on the list the need for end-to-end RM.  However, on
the call, you asserted the reverse.

Many times we have made the statement in the various F2F meetings that "reliable
messaging can be achieved over unreliable links."  Yet on the call you said that
if RM is requested by DeliverySemantics=1&o1, then if a link cannot do RM it
must return an error?  This could actually be a permanently block any RM flagged
message!  These two ideas are not compatible.  The only way to provide RM over
unreliable links is to "close the loop" with an end-to-end Ack.

I must continue to maintain that an end-to-end MSH level Ack is required.  This
is already in the spec and it is called DeliveryReceipt.  The only change I am
asking for is that DeliveryReceipt be appropriately added to section 10.


David Fischer
Drummond Group.

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