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Subject: Sender sub-elements optional or required

Line 992 (of Message Services Specification, Version 1, 11 May 2001)
ought to say explicitly whether the PartyId sub-element is required or
optional.  Ditto for line 993 and Location.  (In most places where the
spec introduces a new element, it says whether the element is required
or not; this is good and ought to be done consistently.)

I have a bunch more little comments like this about minor spec
clarifications.  I'd like to submit them to whomever is editing the
document text, but they aren't all that interesting and I don't want
to bother people unnecessarily.  Should I submit these to this mailing
list, or somewhere else?  All in one email or each in a separate
email?  Or is nobody interested in this kind of micro-editing at
this point in time?

-- Dan

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