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Subject: Re: Sender sub-elements optional or required

Thanks for the feedback.

If you don't want to send your editorial level suggestions to the entire
list, please send them to David Burdett and me.  David is coordinating the
T2 V1.0 Errata Team and compiling a database of comments, which will be
distributed to the list, and I am the editor.   One email or individual
emails - whatever you prefer (hopefully David will agree with me, as he is
currently out of the office).  One request though, could you please
preface all emails discussing issues or proposed revisions to V1.0 as T2.

Best regards,

Dan Weinreb wrote:

> Line 992 (of Message Services Specification, Version 1, 11 May 2001)
> ought to say explicitly whether the PartyId sub-element is required or
> optional.  Ditto for line 993 and Location.  (In most places where the
> spec introduces a new element, it says whether the element is required
> or not; this is good and ought to be done consistently.)
> I have a bunch more little comments like this about minor spec
> clarifications.  I'd like to submit them to whomever is editing the
> document text, but they aren't all that interesting and I don't want
> to bother people unnecessarily.  Should I submit these to this mailing
> list, or somewhere else?  All in one email or each in a separate
> email?  Or is nobody interested in this kind of micro-editing at
> this point in time?
> Thanks.
> -- Dan
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