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Subject: RM - Definition needed!

It has been suggested that a useful step in the RM discussion is a simple
BUT succinct definition of what RM means.  I agree that this would be useful
to "scope" the discussion as many other issues tend to drift in and out of
this topic.

As a start to the discussion to define in 1 paragraph or less - I would like
2 or at most 3 sentences, the start is:
"RM is a protocol between the sending and target MSHs to get an indication
that a message was delivered to the far end... pointedly, it has nothing to
do with the quality, existence or number of intermediate nodes in the path."

This is a slightly re-worded contribution for an external party but I think
encapsulates the sort of definition we need.

Comments !!

Ian Jones
Chair OASIS ebXML Messaging Services TC 

Tel:  +44 (0)29 2072 4063
Fax: +44 (0)29 2045 8781
Email: ian.c.jones@bt.com 

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