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Subject: RE: T2 - Assertions and Questions

David F.,

I would like you to clarify your example (copied below):

In an ebXML network example, I (the From Party) might send through Ariba and
then through C1 to you (the To Party).  You might actually have someone
your MSH which has legal authority to respond with a DR.  If I get a receipt
from Ariba or C1, this means nothing (except that the message is proceeding
the path, which is good to know but not critical).  I might not even know C1
in the path!  I need a DR (signed?) from you or your proxy (I am assuming
that C1 is not your legal proxy).

I think your example does not describe the relationships between the various
parties sufficiently. What is the business relationship between From Party
and Ariba? Where did the To Party specify for incoming message delivery? Why
are you assuming that C1 is not the legal proxy? 

If the To Party tells the From Party to deliver messages to C1, I contend
that successful delivery to C1 is end of the line as far as the From Party
is concerned. In that case, a DR from C1 is meaningful. If C1 is not the
legal proxy of the To Party, it would not be used by the To Party as its
designated destination for message delivery.

I come back to my basic assertions on this whole topic (omitting detail
which can be found in any of the 18 other messages with this subject):

Assertion #1: 
Application-level processing of any kind is out of scope of the Message
Service Specification.

Assertion #2: 
The To Party defines the location where messages intended for it are to be

Assertion #3A:
From a business viewpoint, there is no such thing as an unknown intermediate

Assertion #3B:
This still works in an ecommerce marketplace scenario.

Assertion #3C:
For our purposes, there is no such thing as a multi-hop message.


David Smiley
Director of Standards


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