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Subject: T2 con-call details


I've had responses from David B, David F, Ian, Arvola and Colleen.
Only Colleen has a conflict and she has indicated that as long as
we don't assign *all* of the AIs to her that we can move forward
without her;-)

Here are the call details:

  *  Conference Name:  EBXML T2 CON-CALL
  *  Start Date/Time:  08/29/01 WED 11:00 AM EDT   
  *  End Date/Time:  08/29/01 WED 12:00 PM EDT   
  *  Duration:  001 hr 00 min
  *  Conference Host:  CHRISTOPHER B FERRIS
  *  PARTICIPANT CODE:  920998
  *  Toll Free Dial In Number:  (888)232-0361            
  *  International Access/Caller Paid Dial In Number:  (805)240-9673            

I've got 8 ports, so that should be adequate.

Talk to you tomorrow at 11 EDT, 8 PDT, 10 CDT, 4 BST.



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