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Subject: Re: reliable messaging - hop by hop

   Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2001 08:55:43 +0100
   From: John Ibbotson <john_ibbotson@uk.ibm.com>

   1. Reliable messaging over a single hop ensures that a message (thought of
   as an opaque buffer) is delivered once and once only from a sender to a

   Comments ?

This addresses getting messages from one end to the other
once-and-only-once.  However, Marty has repeatedly insisted that the
heart of reliable messaging is that the From Party should be able to
know for sure either that the message reached the To Party or that it
didn't (won't) reach the To Party.  The end-to-end handoff, by itself,
doesn't address this.  Do you feel that this functionality belongs in
the messaging system, or that it should be up at the level of the
business processes, along with the digital signature stuff?

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