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Subject: RE: [ebxml-cppa] RE: [ebxml-msg] A proposalfortheinterpretationofdifferent synchronous reply modes in the CPP/A

David F clarifies: 

"Thanks Dale,  I am not really worried about a single connection staying
open.  I
am more worried about a chain staying open:

	A ==> B ==> C ==> D

All these have to stay open waiting for a response?  Looks like trouble.
single-hop case does not cause me any heart-ache."

Don't  think they all _must_ be open.

If A is the one waiting for the sync response, 
technically only the connection
between A and B needs to remain alive 
until a reply is ready. B may email
stuff to C, and C may use BEEP to D. 
When B gets back what is needed by
some asynchronous return path,
it finds the right thread waiting to write, 
notifies it that an IO stream is ready,
and lets it send the reply on its
open socket. The RefToMessageId
and Conversation Id (and other stuff like
CpaId, To, From, Service, Action) may
be useful in completing this task.

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