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Subject: [ebxml-msg] Minutes October 22


	the minutes of our conference call on Monday October 22 in word
format can be read from :
(Watch for the underscores if the URL wraps or just go to the OASIS web

	Please tell me if I missed anyone from the roll call as it affects
YOUR voting status and any errors.

	Apologies for the delay I was hoping to be able to add the Face to
face Details and put them on the web site before sending them out.

Below is an unformatted text version.

Conference Call	10/22/01	Minutes

Hosted by Sonic Software (Colleen Evans)

David Burdett
Doug Bunting
Arvola Chan
Colleen Evans
Chris Ferris
David Fischer
Ian Jones
Brad Lund
Bruce Pedretti
David Smiley
Jeff Turpin
Dan Weinreb
Pete Wenzel
Prasad Yendluri

Bob Miller

Agenda Items
1.	Roll Call - see above

2.	Unanimous vote of those present to accept reformatted specification
(1.05) as the basis for all work to produce version 1.1

3.	David Burdett, Chris Ferris and David Fischer who produced this
restructured version and hence have the best understanding of the impact of
any changes in this version based on the current issue list believe that the
end date is still achievable.
The issue of conformance levels and optimality was discussed as part of the
discussion and the current understanding is that the IIC TC will be
producing a set of "profiles" defining the required functionality to meet
defined conformance conditions.  This will be in separate document(s) and
not part of the messagae service specification.

4.	Outstanding Issues List as published by Arvola Chan October 10.
Sync Reply
Issue 9 - CPPA team will be asked to include a mshSignalsOnly sync reply
Issue 10 - Decision sync replay MAY be used with out reliable messaging -
clarification to specification text.
Issue 51 - Clarification of QualityOfServiceInfo - ReliableMessagingMethod
to be removed.
Issue 58 - SyncyReply in both header and Via elements. - This lead to a
lengthy discussion the highlighted a probably underlying issue that
"SyncReply" was performing 2 different function depending on its location
and that one probably need a different name and definition.  This will
require working through in conjunction with the CPPA TC.  It also
highlighted the issue of who will any conflict between the 2 be resolved
especially if one is in the CPPA and the other is in the message.  This in
turn started the discussion in terms of priority and overrides which MUST be
resolved in the specification, as it was an outstanding issue from version
1.0 of the specifications.

Reliable Messaging Parameters
Issue 20 - Relationship of CPPA and Message header values - This was
continued from the previous discussion.  It was agreed that the names and
definitions of element and attributes must be consistent across both
specifications that currently they are not. After lengthy discussion this
issue was agreed to be too large to address on this call and will require
thorough resolution at the next Face to Face meeting.  Dan volunteered to
have a look at which values relating to reliable messaging were defined in
the header and or the CPPA to give as a start at the meeting.

5.	For next weeks call it was agreed that we would tackle some of the
smaller issues to allow the editor to apply as many minor changes as
possible before the face to face.

6.	Conference call Schedule - all calls Monday 10:00 Pacific/1:00
October 29 - Hosted by Dale Moberg - Cyclone
November 5 - Hosted by David Smiley - Mercator - Voting
7.	Next face to Face - Chris Ferris and David Burdett have secured
facilities in Burlington, Ma, and Pleasanton Ca, and a video conference link
for most of the meeting. They will be posting full details soon.

Next call October 29 @ 10:00 Pacific, 1:00 Eastern.

Ian Jones
Chair OASIS ebXML Messaging Services TC 

Tel:  +44 (0)29 2072 4063
Fax: +44 (0)29 2072 4137  
Email: ian.c.jones@bt.com 

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