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Subject: [ebxml-msg] editorial comments on v1.08

line 21 - fix URI, incorrectly references ebxml.org/specs/ location
line 58 - do we need a reference to the previous team? strike
line 184 - s/for exchanging the electronic/for exchanging electronic/
line 187 - s/ebXML-compliant//
line 192 - s/between two parties/between parties/
line 200 - s/Core Components/Core Functionality/ or possibly /Core 
Messaging Features/ the concern is
    that "Core Components" will somehow be associated with ebXML's Core 
line 228 - s/ebXML SOAP Header and Body,/ebXML SOAP Header and Body 
line 264 - s/transport protocols/communication protocols/
line 437 - image seems cropped, may just be StarOffice.
line 455 - s/For example the following fragment:/The following fragment 
is an example of the MIME headers for the
    multipart/related Message Package/
line 462 - need to call this out more prominently
line 483 - strike "For example:" and the ensuing example on line 485
line 506 - s/MUST/SHOULD/ as this is not required
line 510 - s/by/in/
line 541 - s/SOAP/SOAPATTACH/
line 597 - s/ebXML TR&P team/OASIS ebXML Messaging TC/
line 665 - s/Service/Module/
line 673 - use caution when applying global change to the ebxml-msg 
namespace. this one has a -032.xsd
    appended whereas the others have -03.xsd
line 674-680 - this is not enforcable since mU applies only to direct 
child descendants of the
    SOAP-Env:Header element (SOAP header blocks)
line 682 - s/listed above/defined in this specification/
line 698+ - do we need to specify behaviour of a 1.1 MSH that receives a 
1.0 message?
line 750 - s/organisation/organization/
line 758 - s/SHALL follow/SHALL immediately follow/
line 780/784 - if we're recommending that Role be a URI, then the 
examples should reflect this
line 789 - needs work!
line 808 - ConversationId need not necesarily be unique "within the From 
and To party pair". Rather, it needs to be unique within the context of 
the specified CPAId.
line 831 - I thought that we changed the URIs for the MSH services to be 
URNs scoped to the
    OASIS URN namespace.
line 849 - and attributes?
line 877 parameter? this is unclear, needs work.
line 940 - s/data/payload data/
line 953 - if the intent is to allow for zero or more Schema elements, 
then this should be made explicit
line 1004 - strike this sentence
line 1032 - provide internal xreference
line 1043 - strike sentence
line 1102 - s,"/>,,

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