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Subject: [ebxml-msg] More on errors

In addition to the Inconsistent / NotSupported issue I raised in my previous email (http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/ebxml-msg/200111/msg00242.html), error handling and it's description remains problematic.
We've defined OtherXML and Unknown errors but disallowed non-ebXML errors "if an existing errorCode ... has the same or very similar meaning".  The text should specifically exclude the comprehensive ebXML error codes from this consideration.  I'd still be left wondering about creating a narrower version of one of the existing codes.  Would "My error codes" / "Reliable Messaging not Supported" be allowed or not?
We've recommended (with the additional note I mentioned in the previous email) that SOAP processors return ebXML context information when possible.  I don't believe we've mentioned that ebXML implementations may need to handle SOAP Fault responses even if an ebXML error is defined.  A worthwhile addition: For example, the SecurityFailure code may require non-standard SOAP implementations to be returned in all failure situations described.  It's reasonable to configure a SOAP handler for the XML dsig namespace and to have that handler check signature validity.  It's not reasonable for that validity check to fail differently depending on the presence of an eb:MessageHeader element.  Things could be even worse: Basic authentication or client certificate checks in SSL might fail prior to invocation of the SOAP processor at the other end.

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