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Subject: [ebxml-msg] FW: ebXML MS 1.09 comments


-----Original Message-----
From: Eckenfels. Bernd [mailto:B.Eckenfels@seeburger.de]
Sent: Tuesday, December 04, 2001 9:14 PM
To: david@drummondgroup.com
Cc: ebxml-msg-comment@lists.oasis-open.org; ian.c.jones@bt.com
Subject: ebXML MS 1.09 comments


I have some minor comments on the 1.09 ebXML MS Spec Draft, mainly
related to SMTP:

a) 2730 / Figure B-1: there are no async service messages (ack) in this
picture, which might be helpful to make this part of SMTP limitations
(not sync) clear.

b) B.3.2: This section does define the SMTP Protocol Binding, but NOT
the SMTP Envelop details. This should be added, especially since the
SMTP "MAIL FROM:<>" Envelop needs to be specified here. There are two
options: a) use an empty "<>" Envelop. This has the big advantage that
no mail loops can occur. It has the big disadvantage, that no bounces
can be received. b) use an sender address different from the MSH
address. This is good practice, it will allow bounce detection reliable
and it will allow processing of those bounces. This is the solution to
2712. There should also be a statement on positive delivery status
reports. (I.e. that those are not used and should not be requested).

c) 2592- B.3: This section contains a Discussion of MUAs, but it fails
to explain, that a MUA is typically not receiving Messages by SMTP. This
is especially true for the case of dialup clients with changing IP
Address assignments. So the SMTP MSH-to-MSH situation is very seldom.
More often Mails are received by a general purpose SMTP Server and then
stored for POP-3 or IMAP retrival. And Even if SMTP-to-SMTP is used,
most likely MSHs will use exsisting interfaces like "/usr/bin/sendmail"
or IIS SMTPSVC Pickup Dir to send mails. And they will use SMTPSVC
Drop-Dir or Unix like alias-pipe transport to process those messages. It
is not forbidden by the Spec, but I think it is a bit mussleading to
express only the model described in Figure B-1. At least add an sentence

Note: the ebXML MSH Sender may interface with existing SMTP general
purpose MTAs instead of implementing SMTP itself. This includes
interfaces to an operation system MTA (file system mail drop/pickup
directory; calling helper applications (e.g. /usr/sbin/sendmail) or by
using different network Protocols to fetch mails (SMTP TURN, POP-3,
IMAP, P7) or proprietary mail protocol APIs like MAPI or  VIM. This is
especially useful for small dialup sites with no permanent internet

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Bernd Eckenfels
SEEBURGER AG, Edisonstrasse 1, D-75015 Bretten, Germany
Fax:+49(0)7252 96-2400 Fon:+49(0)7252 96-1256 <http://www.seeburger.de/>

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