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Subject: RE: [ebxml-msg] question about QoS

So the email going around about Qos being required in the message is wrong? It can be absent which would default DuplicateElimination to false?
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From: Doug Bunting [mailto:dougb62@yahoo.com]
Sent: Thursday, December 06, 2001 3:41 PM
To: ebxml-msg
Subject: Re: [ebxml-msg] question about QoS

In the current schema, we have a three-state value called QualityOfService@duplicateElimination.  The attribute is required within the element these days.  So, the three states are 1) QualityOfService absent in the MessageHeader 2) duplicateElimination='false' and 3) duplicateElimination='true'.  It used to be worse -- duplicateElimination was optional, adding another state without defined meaning.
I don't really like three-state "Boolean" values but think we've improved this enough for now.  At least, the default value for the attribute (used when the containing element isn't in an instance) is well-defined and consistent in the specification.
On your second point, you're fighting a battle that's already been lost.  A similar suggestion came up and was rejected earlier.
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Sent: Thursday, 06 December 2001 15:27
Subject: [ebxml-msg] question about QoS

I have 2 questions/comments about the recent talk regarding QualifyOfService and DuplicationElimination.
1. It was said that QoS with DuplicationElimination must be present in every message. Does this include MSH types messages where DuplicationElimination would never be true? i.e. ping/ping/StatusRequest/StatusResponse/Acknowledgements must also include QoS with DuplicationElimination =false.
2. Since QualifyOfService only contains one attribute (DuplicationElimination) why not rename the "QualifyOfService" element to "DuplicationElimination"? This would also mean that question #1 above wouldn't make sense. This element would only appear when "DuplicationElimination" is true. This would be more in line with other elements like "AckRequested" and "SyncReply". IMO leaving QualifyOfService the way it is seems inconsistent with the rest of the spec.
Cliff Collins

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