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Subject: [ebxml-msg] Time Frame for adoption of Specifications

Title: Time Frame for adoption of Specifications

I work with several vertical industry groups.  I have had these questions come up over and over again, will someone please help me out here.  I have agreed to go looking for answers.

The ebXML Message 1.0 did not give these companies what they wanted in their TRP, so they are looking toward version 2.0 of this specification.  They would like to know: 

        When will this draft specification become a usable technical specification?

        Once it is, when will in be available within tools to use?

        Why should they chose this over what is already out there and already working?

        Who has implemented this into their product, and has it working?

All good questions, but hard to answer.  Each company has their own agenda for their work, and each company will decide on what to use moving forward.  If their industry is already using RosettaNet RNIF and other standards that have been around awhile.  They need to find good reason to make their move away from those.  Thanks.


Lisa Seaburg
Vertical Industries Evangelist
Commerce One Labs
Commerce One, Inc.
19191 Vallco Parkway, Cupertino, CA
Phone: 662-560-6397
Mobile: 662-501-7676

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