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Subject: [ebxml-msg] Signing hybrid MSH Signal/Business Messages ?

Thanks to Doug and Jeff for their input on the
Acknowledgment/RefToMessageId question...I guess for now we stick with
the "Acknowledgment/RefToMessageId matches
MessageData/RefToMessageId...usually." approach ;-)

My other concern is in regard to CPA practicalities when sending
combined (hybrid) MSH Signal Ack and Business Message packages.

Suppose such a hybrid is sent SyncReply to an Action Binding that is
configured with "isNonRepudiationRequired = true".  However the sync
DeliveryChannel being used specifies "ackSignatureRequested = never".

So there is potentially a conflict as to whether the MSH Ack/Business
Response hybrid message would be signed (also for the
reverse..isNonRepudiatedRequired = false, ackSignatureRequested =

Does this conflict indicate that the CPA instance is "invalid"?

Or is the signing of a hybrid message determined by OR logic.  ie if the
MSH signal OR the Business Message requested signing then then hybrid
message package gets signed...?

Thanks again,

Dave Elliot
XML Global Technologies

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