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Subject: [ebxml-msg] Additional feedback to ebMS2.0 and CPPA


Here are some feedback to ebXML MS2.0 spec.
These are came from ECOM ebXML interoperability
activity that Fujitsu is one of the leading vendor.

1. xlink:type should be REQUIRED.
   In detail, XLINK specification defines that xlink:type
   to be REQUIRED, but ebXML MS spec defines that
   is OPTIONAL. So ebXML MS spec should
   make it mandatory to conform to XLINK.

2. The format of start parameter in the sample of
    section "2.1.2 Message Packaging" is wrong.
    Currently the spec has:
    But it should be :
    The sample of "B.2.2 Sending ebXML Service
    messages over HTTP" is correct.

3. It is ambiguous which value you should use
    for Role element under From and To element
    in the MessageHeader.
    There is description that URI is recommended for the value
    but sample of the CPPA specification is using the other one:
    @name : "Buyer"
    @xlink:href : "http://www.rosettanet.org/processes/3A4.xml#Buyer";

And the following feedback is for CPPA. But it might be
good to inform to MS TC also.

4. Currently, SecurityDetails, Certificate in CPA is
   required "one or more". However we believe
   it should be "zero or more".


Fujitsu Limited

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