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Subject: Re: [ebxml-msg] Reporting Mechanism for EbXML Errors?


I just went back to the 2.0c document and read:

1254 4.2 Error Handling Module
1255 This section describes how one ebXML Message Service Handler (MSH) 
reports errors it detects in an
1256 ebXML Message to another MSH. The ebXML Message Service error 
reporting and handling module is
1257 to be considered as a layer of processing above the SOAP processor 
layer. This means the ebXML MSH
1258 is essentially an application-level handler of a SOAP Message from 
the perspective of the SOAP
1259 Processor. The SOAP processor MAY generate a SOAP Fault message if 
it is unable to process the
1260 message. A Sending MSH MUST be prepared to accept and process these 
SOAP Fault values.

What you're asking seems like a layer below this text.  Any answer we 
provide in the Messaging specification would infringe upon the operation 
of the SOAP processing layer.  If the SOAP specification 1.1 does not 
describe whether or not schema validation gets performed for all 
namespaces mentioned in a SOAP message prior to invocation of the 
"handler", we're certainly unable to prevent it occurring first.  Please 
let me know if I'm misinterpreting your request.

The SOAP 1.1 specification actually goes a bit further in leaving schema 
validation up to the implementation.  Its schema includes the 
processContents="lax" attribute for all embedded content.  This means 
some XML parsers (but not all) are free to validate the embedded content 
whenever the SOAP processor layer chooses to invoke the parser.  In 
short, a severity of "Errors" could be recognized a number of different 
times and cannot be guaranteed to always or never result in a SOAP Fault.


Dave Elliot wrote:

>Hi all,
>I just wanted to confirm a point regarding reporting of errors in ebXML
>If a given inbound soap message package identifies itself as ebXML and
>is not valid per the EBXML 2.0 XML Schema is it expected that a SOAP
>Fault is returned?
>For example, suppose an inbound ebXML message specifies an error
>severity of "Errors" in violation of the allowed values ("Error" or
>"Warning")...is this problem to be reported as a SOAP Fault?
>My aim is to confirm the bounds to which the ebXML error reporting
>mechanism is expected to apply...  (to tie down distinctions in the
>treatment of "XML validation" problems and "ebXML validation" problems
>for a given message...)
>Best Regards,
>Dave Elliot
>XML Global Technologies
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