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Subject: Re: [ebxml-msg] white paper edits

thanks. got it all in.

On Nov 26, 2003, at 4:15 PM, Jacques Durand wrote:

Some comments and suggested modifications (in red) on the WS-I section of the white paper:

Reason / Objective
The Web Services Interoperability Basic Profile is a well-known collection of web service definitions that have been profiled and restricted to produce interoperable systems.  As this profile is designed to encourage interoperability, it is seen as a worthwhile exercise to investigate any potential exploitation of this work and the possibility of building a set of extensions to the WS-I Basic Profile.

(I suggest that "modifications" is not appropriate... the design of future WS-I profiles is now based on the concept of a

extensible core profile definition, with "extensibility points". The core Basic Profile 1.1 is pretty much stable now, and unless

you want to propose a radically different profile, you'll have to play within this sandbox, and just extend.)
1.      Investigate and describe whatextensions[additions or modifications] to WS-I Basic Profile would be required for the ebXML Message Service Specification.

2.      Evaluate after previous step if this is a useful item for other people to use.
3.      If a definition of the extension [or modification] is created, it will be non-normative, and will either be an appendix to the specification or a separate definition document.

Investigate whether WS-I Basic Security Profile (BSP, an extension to the WS-I Basic Profile) covers use cases that are relevant to the ebXML Message Service, and if so, consider aligning with this profile as well, for the reasons given above.

- Investigate the level of compatibility between the current attachment mechanism in ebMS, and the on-coming WS-I Attachment Profile.

Consider aligning with the profile.

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